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PRAYER: Iraq: further attacks on Christians in Baghdad

ICC Note:

Iraqi Christians ask for prayer following bomb attacks on Christian communities in Baghdad which killed at least five and wounded more than 30.

11/11/2010 Iraq (Middle East Concern) – On November 10th, there was a series of attacks on the homes of Christians in six different districts of the city. Five people were killed and at least 30 were hurt by explosive devices left near homes and two mortar bombs.

These attacks follow other recent violent incidents against Christians in Baghdad. On Sunday 7th November two Christians were killed in separate incidents. One was shot dead outside his apartment.

Recall that on Sunday 31st October 58 people, including more than 40 worshippers, were killed at the Syrian Catholic Church of Our Lady of Salvation. Services recommenced in this church building on 7th November and on 8th November Prime Minister al-Maliki visited the church.

Armed groups in Iraq claiming responsibility for these incidents have stated that they regard “all Christians as legitimate targets” and their objective is the forced removal of all Christians from the country.

Religious and political leaders have called for increased security measures and have urged Christians not to flee. Those who do leave Baghdad and move to the northern Kurdish areas typically face discrimination, both for being Arabs and for being Christians. This makes becoming self-supporting difficult, and obliges many to return home. Many of those who relocate to neighbouring countries also face discrimination and economic hardship.

Iraqi Christians request our continued prayers that:

a.      The bereaved will know the peace, presence and comfort of Jesus

b.      The wounded and traumatised will know the healing touch of Jesus

c.       Those involved in providing pastoral care will know the Spirit’s grace and gentleness

d.      Christians across Iraq will know the Father’s protection

e.      The security situation in Baghdad will improve

f.        Christians that feel obliged to leave Baghdad will find places of safety, and be able to return safely soon

g.      Iraqi Church leaders will know the Spirit’s guidance in all things, especially concerning organised services

[Middle East Concern]