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Persecution in Burma caught on camera

A humanitarian group has released a shocking documentary about relief efforts for Burmese Christians along the Burma-Thailand border.

10/28/2010 Burma (OneNewsNow) – For more than 60 years, Burmese soldiers have raided the border camps, killing and wounding Karen Christians.

Craig McDonald of Christian Freedom International (CFI) suggests Burma, which is also known as Myanmar, is trying to exterminate the Christians.

”There is basically, what we consider in Burma, an ethnic cleansing going on,” McDonald explains.

“Because the military regime does not agree with the Christian faith, they’re trying to wipe out all the Christians in the nation.”

The organization operates around the clock in trying to provide aid and Bibles for the Karen Christians, which is often a dangerous task. In fact, some who have been caught have been executed.

In an effort to raise awareness about the 24/7 operation to seek out, tend to, and spotlight Christians who are being intimidated, raped, killed and driven from their homes, CFI recently sponsored a trip for members of a popular Irish Christian band called Bluetree.

The journey was caught on video to produce the DVD, Banned in Burma, which is available on the CFI’s website.

”While in Burma, the band got caught by the Burmese military, and it was quite a scary situation,” McDonald accounts. “But we were able to get all of that on video.”

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