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Hindu Radicals Assault Pregnant Christian at the Funeral of Her Daughter

ICC Note

The radicals assaulted an eight month pregnant Christian while she was attending the funeral of her daughter. The assailants say that they don’t want Christians to be buried in their village.

10/28/2010 Washington, D.C. – International Christian Concern (ICC) has learned that Hindu radicals severely beat a pregnant Christian woman today while she was attending the funeral of her infant daughter in Orissa, India. The radicals, who refuse to allow Christians to be buried in the village, attacked several other Christians at the funeral with machetes and sticks.

At the time of this reporting, Sonadei, the assaulted pregnant woman, was bleeding heavily. She has not received any medical attention because there is no hospital in Bendaguda, the village where the attack occurred.

Pastor Vijay Kumar, who was also attacked at the funeral, told ICC that victims are panicked and hiding in a house with the decomposed body of the baby, fearful of what might happen to them tonight. He earnestly requested prayer.

ICC’s Regional Manager for South Asia, Jonathan Racho, said ‘Our hearts are broken to hear the plight of Sonadei and the other assaulted Christians. It’s very sad that she has to suffer this assault on the day when she was mourning the death of her baby girl. This outrageous and inhumane act by Hindu radicals must not go unpunished. We urge Indian police to immediately move to the area, protect the Christians and arrest the perpetrators.’

Please pray that Sonadei and her unborn child will survive and get the medical attention they need. Also pray for the rest of the Christians who are now in hiding. Please call the Indian embassy in your country and politely ask the Indian officials to send the police to the village of Bendaguda and protect the Christians.  

ICC is sending financial assistance to help Sonadei with her medical expenses.

Indian Embassies

USA: (202) 939-7000
UK: 020 7836 8484 or 020 7632 3123
Canada: (613) 744-3751