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Turkish official offers Christians and Muslims to visit Agia Sophia in turn

10/6/2010 Turkey ( – The fuss over religious ceremonies in Christian churches continues in Turkey. One of the Turkish officials from religious affairs department offered to permit Muslims to attend Agia Sophia (St. Sophia) Cathedral on week days, whereas Christians – on Sundays, SedmitsaRu reported.

However, this decision to turn an ancient Christian church into half mosque will hardly put an end to debates. Turkish official’s proposal looks as something new in the context of recent statements voiced by the Turkish authorities that Cathedral’s status as a museum will remain unchanged and cannot be reviewed in any case.

As reported earlier, an attempt to conduct orthodox liturgy in St. Sophia Cathedral this September was thwarted. The American Greeks headed by Chris Spyrou, the President of the International Congregation of Agia Sophia were the imitators of the religious ceremony. Before his departure to Istanbul, Spyrou received a document from the Turkish authorities labeling his activities as provocation, whereas the document itself in fact resembles a ban to enter Turkey.

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