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Iran: BMB dies following severe beating by relative; others remain detained
10/4/2010 Iran (Middle East Concern) – We regret to report that a young Iranian believer from a Muslim background (BMB) has died of injuries sustained when he was severely beaten by a relative. Elam Ministries report that the relative took exception to our brother’s clear commitment to Jesus. He leaves a wife and two young children. Members of the fellowship he attended are standing firm in their faith in Jesus.

A number of others continue to be detained for their faith in Iran. According to the Farsi Christian News Network, three of 15 believers arrested near Mashhad on 8th July remain detained. They are under pressure to recant their faith but are refusing to do so. In Ahvaz another believer, the assistant pastor of a fellowship, remains detained after having been arrested during a raid on his home on 24th July. His wife and young daughter were arrested with him and detained briefly. According to a report on Iranian State television in early September, nine believers have also been arrested in Hamedan on charges of evangelism.

Iranian Christians request our prayers that:

a.      The bereaved family will know the peace and comfort of Jesus

b.      The fellowship affected will be able to provide effective support to the bereaved in particular and to one another in general

c.       The relative will be convicted by the Spirit and respond to Jesus’ love and offer of forgiveness

d.      Those imprisoned for their faith will know the presence and peace of Jesus, remain clearly committed to Jesus and fulfil the Father’s purposes for their lives

e.      Likewise, that their families will know Jesus’ presence and the Spirit’s guiding and enabling each day

f.       Followers of Jesus throughout Iran will know the Father’s protection, the Son’s love and presence, and the Spirit’s guiding wisdom at this time

g.      All officials involved will love mercy, act justly and hear the Good News of the Good Shepherd.


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