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Turkey’s Islamization: One Step Closer

9/17/2010 Turkey (FrontPageMag) – The referendum proposed by Turkey’s government has been passed with 58 percent of the population approving it in a vote with 77.5 percent turnout. The Obama Administration is praising the 26 amendments that bring Turkey in a more democratic direction but undermine the military and judiciary that protect the country’s secularism. The State Department may not realize it, but it has congratulated Prime Minister Erdogan and his Justice and Development Party (AKP) on paving the way for the further Islamization of Turkey.

Erdogan framed the reforms as necessary for Turkey to become a member of the European Union and establish itself as a democracy. Unfortunately, democratization also benefits the AKP and its Islamist agenda. Civilian courts will now have power over the High Military Council and military courts cannot be used to try civilians, but civilian courts can try military officers. This is a way of reducing the political power of the military that has safeguarded Turkey’s secularism.

Erdogan and the AKP have been hard at work at Islamizing Turkey and promoting anti-American and especially anti-Israeli sentiment. One of their biggest adversaries is the military. The referendum takes away the immunity granted to the military officers involved in the coup of 1980, although some say the statute of limitations prohibits their prosecution. The prosecutor’s office is working on a report on its conclusions about whether prosecution is permissible.

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