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Christians Taken Into Custody, Others Released

ICC Note

The Christians were arrested as they were attempting to enter the courtroom during the trial of house Church Christians

09/25/2010 China (China Aid)-On the morning of September 20, 2010, during the trial of house church Christians Liu Yunhua and Gao Jianli in Xuchang, Henan province, Pastor Zhang “Bike” Mingxuan and his wife were detained as they attempted to enter the courtroom. The Public Security Bureau (PSB) officers not only detained Bike and his wife, but they also took hold of other Christians present, namely Liu Fulan, Hua Cuiying, Ma Keai, Li Yuxia, and Liu Sen.

Ma Keai and Liu Sen were released shortly after the arrest, but the Yucheng City PSB issued an administrative order to hold Liu Fulan, Hua Cuiying, and Li Yuxia for 15 days. The PSB threatened to send the three to labor camp when they refused to sign the administrative orders.

These arrests are especially disheartening since two of the seven Christians who were taken into custody are related to the men who were facing trial that day: Liu Sen is the son of Liu Yunhua (Liu Sen’s mother Zheng Yumei is battling a serious illness in labor camp), and Li Yuxia is the wife of Gao Jianli.

The Yucheng Public Security Bureau station can be reached by calling +86 370 411 1029 or +86 370 440 1000.

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