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The growth of Christianity in Burma reveals the need for trained disciplers

10/24/10 Burma (MNN) – Burma is nearly 90% Buddhist, among a population of 53 million. A military dictatorship holds this country tightly in its fist, making it difficult for anyone to enter and proclaim the Gospel.

Most Christian missions were expelled in 1966.   There have been many reports of violence against believers, as well as cases of forced conversion from Christianity to Buddhism.   The government also outlawed all gatherings of more than five people and required all houseguests be reported.

Yet, because AMG International works with national workers, the ministry has still been able to proclaim the Gospel.

For example, one church is being served by a faithful lady who is always sharing the Gospel. She is responsible for establishing three churches in a region where Typhoon Nargis was particularly damaging.

Although she lost her own home, she continued to witness to her fellow typhoon victims and soon many came to know Christ. Today, more than 50 believers meet in her home.

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