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Vigilantes vow to stop ‘Christianization’ of Indonesia
Indonesia Islamists oppose building of Church

09/23/2010 Indonesia (AlArabiya) – A heated debate accompanied by a surge of violence hit Indonesia last week after a congregation of Christians announced its intentions to build a church in the city of Bekasi.

As calls to stop the “Islamization” of America resonated in the United States in protest to building an Islamic center near Ground Zero, similar initiatives were launched to stop the “Christianization” of Indonesia, the world’s most populous Muslin country.
The protests came after a small Christian group in Bekasi, West Java, announced the construction of a church. The group, an Arab news channel reported, obtained the necessary signatures from local residents.

The announcement triggered a wave of violence by Islamist vigilantes who call themselves the Islamic Defenders’ Front, also known as FPI, rallied in Bekasi and called upon the residents to withdraw their approvals.

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