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Christians killed, maimed in India, Pakistan

ICC Note

Christians in Pakistan and India continue facing persecution. In India, members of a communist guerillas killed a pastor and in Pakistan, five men assulated a pastor.

By Charlie Butts

09/22/2010 Pakistan (OneNewsNow)-Reports of violent attacks against Christians are coming in from India and Pakistan.

“A pastor and his wife were returning home from a prayer meeting when they were stopped by masked communist guerillas,” Jonathan Racho of International Christian Concern tells OneNewsNow about an incident in India. “They decapitated the pastor, and also, they assaulted his wife.”

Meanwhile, five young men in Pakistan stopped a pastor who was returning from preaching the gospel.

“Pastor Emmanuel Bashir was [asked] by the young men…’Why do you preach that Jesus Christ is Lord and nobody can get salvation without Jesus Christ?’ Then the pastor replied, ‘We will never stop preaching about the Lord Jesus Christ, and we will tell about Him to all the nations.'”

At that point, the pastor was attacked and left with broken ribs and a broken hand. Racho stresses these cases should remind Christians in America to lift up in prayer their brothers and sisters in nations like India and Pakistan where Christians are being persecuted for their beliefs.

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