Giving hope to persecuted Christians since 1995
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9/17/10 Vietnam (MFI) – On 22 August 2010 the Vietnamese government commenced large scale military operations involving many hundreds (possibly thousands) of armed soldiers, riot police, security forces and local police forces to surround, attack and threaten Degar Christians in the Central Highlands of Vietnam.

In regards to Protestants the soldiers and security forces told the Degar villagers they must renounce their faith, stop worshiping the American God and officially join the government sanctioned church, the Evangelical Church of Vietnam (ECVN). The soldiers and security forces told the villages they must worship in approved churches only and follow only pastors trained by the government. On 22 August of 2010, hundreds of infantry soldiers, riot police, security forces and local police surrounded and attacked 32 villages in Gia Lai Province, Central Highlands demanding they follow the ECVN. At the time of this press release the soldiers and police remain surrounding some of these villages and have conducted numerous acts of violence, including using some kind of chemical to spray in their eyes in order to make them blind, beating them up until they fell down to the ground unconscious, hand cuffed them, picked them up and threw them in their trucks and taking them to the prison for more torture.

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