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India Imposes Curfew In the Aftermath of Protest by Christians

ICC Note

Thousands of Christians protest after Muslim mob attacked a Church in India. The authorities in India have imposed curfew following the protest.

09/16/2010 India (All Voices)-In response to the recent protest by thousands of Christians in India over an arson attack on a church, the officials in the town of Malerkotla in Punjab have imposed a curfew.
This indication is contained in a statement by the Release International adding that tension is high after a mob set fire to furniture and valuables inside a Church of North India (CNI) building in a mainly Muslim area late on September 12.

Christians Gathered Outside the Christian Medical College

“Soon afterwards, large numbers of Christians gathered outside the Christian Medical College demanding that officials act swiftly to find the culprits,” the statement added.
It noted that Release partner All India Christian Council (AICC) reported that church leaders then gave officials an ultimatum that unless the culprits were arrested by 4pm on September 13, Christians would stage further, larger protests.

It stated: “When local officials admitted they had not yet made arrests, thousands of Christians demonstrated at the main road junction in Malerkotla, blocking the traffic. Tensions in the town remain high.”
It said that church leaders are now calling on the local administration to cover the cost of repairs to the fire-damaged church. A fact-finding team from AICC has been given official permission to visit Malerkotla.

International Community Speaks Out

The minister in a statement called upon the international community to speak with one voice and to take on the obligation of defending, in each and every context, the principle of religious freedom – a freedom which is a fundamental human right.

Franco Frattini said: “News is coming in from India of dramatic episodes of violence against the Christian community. News that stirs feelings of profound indignation and the utmost censure.”
Reacting also to this ugly development, the president International Christian Concern (ICC), Jeff KingJeff King, commended the Italian government for taking the lead in condemning attacks on Christians by Muslim mobs in India stressing that it’s unfortunately that most political leaders and media personalities are focused on protecting Muslims from any perceived offense.

“We believe that people should be free to burn the Bible or the Qur’an without fear of attack that is their misguided wish. We are shocked that the heart of the cultural debate is not focused on those who resort to violence when offended, especially when the victims have nothing to do with the original offense. More leaders need to follow Italy’s foreign minister’s example,” he also said.

It needs to be recalled also that just recently, the communist Maoists in India killed one Pastor Pangi Papa Rao on his way back from a prayer meeting and openly assaulted the wife, who was with him at the time of the killing.

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