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Muslims Repair Attacked Punjab Church
ICC Note

The Church was attacked by a Muslim mob following a burning of the Qur’an in United States. Its indeed commendable that the Muslims repaired the chruch.We urge Muslim leaders to stop further attacks against Christians.

09/16/2010 India (CathNews)- In a rare gesture of religious co-existence, a group of Muslims repainted and repaired the church attacked in Punjab amid rumors of Qur’an desecration in the United States.

“The Muslim community themselves came and whitewashed the church, repairing everything that was burned,” says an official of the Catholic Church in Punjab.

The group also replaced the doors, ceiling fans and bought new benches for the church, according to Father Peter Kavumpuram, public relations officer of Jalandhar diocese.

The Protestant Church of North India in Malerkotla was attacked Sunday night following reports of desecration of the Qur’an in the US on Sept. 11, marking the ninth anniversary of terrorist attacks in New York.

He reported that three policemen were injured in the attack and a motorcycle of the department was burned. One police man was injured as he collected Bibles to save them from being burned.

Police have registered cases against five people who allegedly sent short messages on mobile phones to gather the attackers near a mosque.

Malerkotla, the only Muslim majority town in the Sikh majority state, has a rare history of religious co-existence. While the whole of northern India witnessed hysterical Hindu-Muslim riots following the partition of India in 1947, no Muslim was attacked in Malerkotla, according to history books.

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