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Prayer: Middle East: update #5 on BMB illegally detained

9/15/2010 Middle East (Middle East Concern) – It is nearly a year since we last requested prayer for the continuing detention of a believer from a Muslim background (BMB) illegally detained in April 2008.

We regret to report that our brother remains detained. Recall that in February 2009 a court issued a ruling that he be released because the prosecution presented no charges against him. However, the order has not been implemented. The authorities have moved him to different prisons and changed the order of his names within their computer system in an attempt to stop his lawyer keeping abreast of developments.

Recently our brother was transferred to the psychiatric ward of another prison.

Efforts continue to be made to have the court order enforced.

Middle Eastern Christians request our continued prayers to our perfect loving heavenly Father, asking for:

a.      Our brother to be released and reunited with his wife and their two children, one of whom is seriously ill
b.      The truth to be revealed about the illegal detention
c.      Those working to secure his release to know the Lord’s presence and protection, and the Spirit’s wisdom and enabling in all their interaction with the authorities
d.      All officials involved to be challenged to act justly, mercifully and respond to God’s love for them

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