Giving hope to persecuted Christians since 1995
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10/16/10 Malaysia (UCANEWS) – Malaysian Christian leaders have urged the political administration to muster the courage to bring to justice those who stoke racial and religious tensions.

“In recent times we have seen even those who occupy positions of influence blatantly exhibiting racist attitudes and behavior and promoting hate speech and disunity,” says a statement issued by the Christian Federation of Malaysia (CFM) to mark Malaysia Day, Sept. 16.

“Malaysians deserve courageous and committed leaders who will have the courage and the strength of character to do what is right and who are resolute in bringing wrong-doers to justice,” says the statement signed by Catholic, Protestant and Evangelical Church leaders.

Various media have lately carried news of groups and individuals in the Muslim-majority country attacking fellow Malaysians on grounds of ethnicity and religion.

The Christian leaders say they want the government to frustrate the efforts of “evil people,” even if it means “acting against elements” within the ruling coalition itself.

Other “unresolved issues” include the ban against the use of the word “Allah” in Christian publications, the lack of land for worship venues and for the burial of non-Muslims, and cases where a spouse’s religious conversion “has resulted in great injustice to the non-converting spouse and the children of the marriage.”

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