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9/10/10 North Korea ( North Korea ranked No. 1 recently out of 50 countries in the world where the worst persecution of Christians exist.

The Open Doors 2010 World Watch List showed that North Korea has the questionable “distinction” for having the “deadliest level of Christian persecution in the world.”

The four countries following North Korea are Iran (No. 2), Saudi Arabia (No. 3), Somalia (No. 4) and Maldives (No. 5). Other countries on the list include Afghanistan, Pakistan, China, Iraq and Palestinian Territories.

The World Watch List ranks the countries by their level of oppression and is compiled through a specially-designed questionnaire which includes 50 questions covering various facets that comprise religious freedom.

In North Korea one can only worship its leader Kim Jong-Il and his patriarch, Kim Il-Sung. Any other religious activity is immediately viewed as insurrection, Open Doors said.

Forms of torture of Christians include being routinely tortured, beaten, mutilated, imprisoned for life, and murdered. Christians are also used for the testing of chemical and biological weapons. Punishment includes confinement and/or death of parents, siblings, children and grandchildren, Open Doors country profile said.

Efforts to track down Christians include the infiltration of underground prayer groups by police to identify and arrest Christians and sentence them to slave labor and starvation in prison camps, Open Doors said.

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