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9/10/10 USA (OpenDoors) – Do your U.S. Senators and Representative prioritize work on international religious freedom? With the upcoming elections in November, now is the time to ask your legislators to take a stand!
Open Doors USA has compiled a selection of the most important religious freedom resolutions and letters from the last (111th) session of Congress.
In this preliminary scorecard, each legislator is graded on their level of support for these initiatives which were written to help promote religious freedom around the world.  
View the scorecard and find out what grade your legislators received. After viewing your legislators’ scores, please take a moment to send them a message thanking them for
their support or asking for increased support. A form letter is provided, but please be sure to
add your own comments to make the messages more effective.
A link to the complete scorecard is included in the sample letter for you to email to your
legislator. This will help educate members of Congress on the issue of international
religious freedom and demonstrate how the scores were configured.
A final scorecard will be published at the end of the 111th Congress. Your messages will be influential in encouraging your legislators to become more active on religious freedom. In
early 2011, Open Doors will publish the final scorecard demonstrating which legislators took action to improve their scores.
Please forward this email to your friends and family so they can learn what grade their
legislators received. Legislators are especially attentive to their constituents’ concerns in the months leading up to an election. Please don’t miss this opportunity to draw attention to the importance of international religious freedom and the needs of persecuted Christians worldwide.

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