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Iraqi Christians – even harder times ahead

By Chad Groening

9/6/2010 Iraq (OneNewsNow) – An organization dedicated to persecuted Christians worldwide believes life for believers in Iraq will only get worse now that American combat troops are being pulled out of the country.

In last Tuesday night’s speech, President Obama formally ended the U.S. combat role in Iraq after seven years of fighting, declaring firmly: “It’s time to turn the page.” But Dr. Carl Moeller, president and CEO of Open Doors USA, believes the decision to yank the combat troops was premature.

“I believe that we’re turning this country over to a government that is in chaos — it is in transition at best,” states Moeller. “It hasn’t yet settled on a firm form of government. We have just basically said, ‘Please don’t disturb us as you collapse.'”

The Open Doors leader is concerned that a much-reduced U.S. presence will not bode well for the tiny Christian population in the Muslim-dominated country.

“We have very clear indicators from the ground that the Christian community in Iraq is suffering greatly by increased violence between factions of Islam,” Moeller shares. “I’ve spoken at length with refugees all around the region [who are] saying it’s an unreported disaster — the extinction of the Christian community in Iraq.”

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