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Aid Workers in Afghanistan Show High Cost of Vocation 

ICC Note:

The story of Brian Carderelli and 9 other Christian medical aid workers killed in Afghanistan.

By Mindy Belz

8/12/2010 Afghanistan (World Magazine) – Brian Carderelli took his eye to Afghanistan in September 2009. The 25-year-old photographer and videographer “loved to travel, to see different cultures, and he loved using his gifts for kingdom purposes,” said longtime family friend J.D. Patton.

An Eagle Scout and recent graduate of James Madison University, Carderelli recognized the unique dangers the country posed because both his parents had worked there, but he felt it was where God was calling him. As a short-term trip stretched into months, he posted dozens of photos on Shutterfly and Facebook pages and seized the opportunity to travel with a medical team to remote Badakhshan province. He was compiling an album of photos titled “The Beauty—It’s Not All War” when he and his team members were killed in early August in one of the most brutal attacks on aid workers since war began in 2001.

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