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Mob attacks Church school in India
ICC Note

About 60 Hindu radicals attacked the school and destroyed the school’s property.

By Saji Thomas
08/18/2010 India (UCANews)-About 60 people attacked a Catholic school in the central Indian Madhya Pradesh state  this morning, destroying furniture, computers, windows and door, says an eye witness.

The slogan-shouting mob barged into St. Pius Higher Secondary School and vandalized the office in the administrative block, said Father Biju Thiruthanathil.

He said the attackers are suspected to be members of the student wing of the ruling Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP), regarded as the political arm of pro-Hindu groups.

Father Thiruthanathil, who works in the school, said the attackers arrived before school started and closed the gates, preventing students from entering.

The attackers left when police arrived soon after the school management called for help. However, no one has been arrested yet.

The school has suspended classes for the day.

Church leaders have noted that attacks on Christians increased after the BJP came to power in December 2003. Christians have experienced a total of 184 attacks, including this latest one.

Catholic leaders last year filed a petition in the Madhya Pradesh High Court demanding protection for Christians and their institutions. A final verdict is still pending.

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