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‘Global south’ gaining in Christian influence

ICC Note: Countries in or near persecuted areas seem to be on the rise

7/30/10 Global (CathNews) – A new study shows that church leaders from the ‘global south’, namely Africa, Latin America and Asia, are gaining influence and power in both Protestant and Catholic churches.

The study by Oxford Analytica says that church leaders from the global south, are becoming more outspoken and have gained more influence in Protestant and Catholic churches globally, The Underground reports.

The study also notes that the global south is more traditional, and has been outspoken against liberals and progressives in both churches, the Oxford Analytica study says.

The global south shift is being referred to by mission circles as “reverse-mission agenda,” Forbes says, noting that more missionaries are coming from India, Latin America and Africa, and are heading to Europe.

The global south is also becoming more active in South Asia and the Middle East.

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