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Video shows flourishing ministry in Indonesia

ICC Note: The 40 HCJB radio station plants in Indonesia have planted 1176 churches.

7/29/10 Indonesia (MNN) ― Ministry is thriving in Indonesia; lives, communities and hearts are being transformed. To communicate the exciting transformation taking place, HCJB Global just created a video.

HCJB Global president Wayne Pederson said, “The video is designed to really tell the story of what God is doing through some of our local partner in Indonesia. HCJB Global partners with national partners, and in this case, our partner in Indonesia is a church planting organization. We work with them to plant radio stations, and out of those radio stations come churches.”

Since 2003, HCJB Global has partnered with Disciple Makers, and the response to their ministry has been astounding: “The amazing part [is that ] this is the largest Muslim country in the world. And yet, we’ve been able to work with this partner to plant over 40 radio stations,” Pederson said.

An estimated 3 to 5 people come to Christ daily as a result of listening to each station. From these 40 stations, 1176 churches have been planted across Indonesia.

But the ministry is not limited to radio stations planting churches.

“We see the spread of the Gospel through radio church planting and then through work like reaching out to orphans, having mobile medical teams, and not only talk about the love of Christ but demonstrate the love of Christ through human care,” Pederson said. HCJB Global and their partners have also been able to respond to national crises and disasters, such as the devastating tsunami and earthquake that hit the country in 2005.

As HCJB celebrates their success, they also look toward the future. Pederson said their goal is to eventually have one station in every one of the 100 provinces throughout Indonesia. They also hope to connect each of the stations through satellite coverage. Finally, they want to increase their medical ministry there by building a clinic at every station, as they already have counseling centers at each one.

As they accomplish these goals, HCJB plans on “Making life better for the people of Indonesia,” as Disciple Makers says.

However, Pederson said while they have currently had little problems with opening up new radio stations, they must move fast: “The world of Islam is seeking to bring back [Muslim] law that may not allow us to continue to plant radio stations, so we’re just trying to work as fast as we can.”

Each station costs between $15,000 – $20,000 to plant. Then, the native station managers must be trained. HCJB Global provides equipment and training to get stations up and running, but then the station is responsible for ongoing expenses.

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