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Expelled in Morocco

A U.S. ally mistreats American Christians.

ICC Note:

The Wall Street Journal reports that the Moroccan government “has provided little or no evidence” prior to charging more than 100 American and other foreign Christian aid workers for proselytizing and then deporting them from the country.

7/6/2010 Morocco (The Wall Street Journal) – Morocco has long been considered a bastion of relative religious tolerance in the Muslim world, but since March the government has summarily expelled dozens of Americans for Christian proselytizing.

Of the more than 100 Christians (some of them non-Americans) who have been deported—humanitarian workers, businessmen and teachers—many had lived in Morocco for more than a decade. Most were denied any semblance of due process, and some were given only a few hours to pack their bags. The government has provided little or no evidence of proselytizing, which is illegal in Morocco.

Outside of the Christian press, the deportations have largely gone unnoticed. One man who has paid attention is Virginia Representative Frank Wolf, a Republican who co-chairs Congress’s Human Rights Commission. In hearings last month, Mr. Wolf scored Secretary of State Hillary Clinton and U.S. Ambassador to Morocco Sam Kaplan for failing to speak up for the expelled Americans.

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