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Afghans stone German base over proselytising allegations

ICC Note:

Muslims protesters threw stones at a NATO-led German military base as anger toward Christian NGOs accused of proselytizing persists.

6/10/2010 Afghanistan (DPA) At least four people were injured in northern Afghanistan Thursday when protesters threw stones at a German military camp over claims that two aid organisations had preached Christianity in the country.

Around 1,000 Islamic scholars, university and schools students and local residents marched in northern city of Takhar, the capital for the province of the same name, on Thursday, calling on the government to expel the organisations that allegedly proselytised.

The protesters shouted ‘Death to American, death to enemies of Islam’ slogans, Abdul Baig, one of the protesters said.

The angry men also threw stones at a NATO-led Germany military base in the city, wounding one of its Afghan guards, Sher Ahmad, the provincial police chief said.

Capital Kabul and other major Afghan cities have witnessed such demonstrations in the past two weeks.

Protesters burned an effigy of Pope Benedict XVI during a demonstration in northern city of Mazar-e-Sharif Tuesday.

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