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Christian Attorney Li Heping Interrogated by Police

ICC Note: One attorney evades police, but another falls into trap

6/2/10 China (ChinaAid) – Early in the evening of May 31, when Christian human rights defense attorney Li Heping went to the residence of fellow attorney Tang Jitian in Beipingfang, Beijing to get some things he had left there, he was taken by the police to Beipingfang Village Police Station for interrogation, allegedly on suspicion of burglary.
On the afternoon of May 30, officers from Beipingfang Village Police Station of Chaoyang District, Beijing knocked on the door of Tang Jitian’s residence. Tang Jitian refused to open the door because it was Sunday. The officers waited downstairs, but in the early evening Tang Jitian left his residence through a passageway and stayed outside for the night. His disappearance did not sit well with the police, who continued their surveillance of his residence.
The next afternoon (May 31), attorney Li Heping, who only months before endured heavy police surveillance himself, arrived at Tang Jitian’s residence to get some clothes. As he was leaving, the police waiting downstairs seized him and took him to the police station for interrogation. Li Heping was released later that night at 10 p.m. The police claim Li Heping was taken on suspicion of burglary, but their intentions were clearly to gain any information on Tang Jitian’s whereabouts.

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