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World Evangelical Alliance urges Uzbekistan to stop harassing Christians- Christian World

Call For Action Against Uzbekistan Persecution

By Paul Collier

5/26/2010 Uzbekistan (The Freedomist) – The New Zealand member of the World Evangelical Alliance is calling on the government to make representation to the authorities in the central Asian country of Uzbekistan, asking them to honour their commitment to the United Nations declaration on religious freedom and desist from religious persecution.

NZ Christian Network (visionnetwork) National Director Glyn Carpenter says regular reports of harassment of Christians have been coming out of Uzbekistan over the past six years, but persecution is now being stepped up. He has written to the Foreign Minister, Mr Murray McCulley, asking for intervention.

[A human rights activist] says that though officially a democratic secular state, the government supports Islam. It is almost impossible for a church to be registered, without which any religious activities are considered illegal. Uzbek converts to Christianity suffer severe hardship with opposition from their families, society and even state officials. Police raids are common and often lead to Christians being arrested, beaten and even tortured, and their literature and other Christian material destroyed.

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