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China Christian Organizations Come Together to Support Church

ICC Note: CHCA and 3 Other Organizations Support Liangren Church

5/21/10 China (ChinaAid) – On May 18, the Chinese Christian House Church Alliance released a statement regarding their support of the Liangren House Church. Leaders of the CHCA and three other organizations (the Christian Human Rights Attorneys Group, the Preparatory Committee of Chinese Human Rights Attorneys Association, and the Chinese Justice Alliance) are standing with the Liangren church members. The Liangren Christians have been locked out of their rented building, disturbed in their quiet outdoor worship by police, and deprived of their pastor, Wang Dao, who has been criminally detained on groundless charges of “suspicion of gathering a mob to disturb public order.”

Statement from Chinese Christian House Church Alliance:

It is learned that Liangren Church of Guangzhou is a young church mainly made up of intellectuals that evolved originally from a college campus fellowship. Among nearly a thousand urban house churches in Guangzhou, Liangren is not a big church. The church is committed to Gospel work among college students and migrant workers and launched the ministry of education relief of “Home of the Lamb Children” in the earthquake disaster area of Sichuan and it is still holding onto the program as of now. As a result, the church attracted the attention of the PSB and was thus investigated. Ever since then, the church has continuously been suffering persecution and on many occasions was illegally abolished, chased away and suppressed by the Guangzhou authorities. Since the beginning of the 2010, Liangren Church has had to move its gathering sites over 10 times. On the average, they have to move almost once a week! On the morning of May 2, the church’s newly leased gathering site at Room 503, Building 2, No. 101, North Yiyuan Road in Haizhu District was locked with an iron chain and sealed by the landlord who was ordered to do so by the relevant agencies of Guangzhou government. The properties of the church were also locked inside and the members of the church were blocked outside the gate and was not allowed to enter the house. Therefore, members of Liangren Church were forced to hold their first outdoor worship outside the gate!

Liangren Church was forced to choose to worship outdoors in People’s Park when they only wanted to follow the order of God of “not forsaking the assembling,” and when they were not even allowed to worship God in their own legally rented house, i.e. in their own homes. Pastor Wang Dao said: “In fact, we really don’t want to go to the park to be exposed to the rain, sunlight and the elements. We could be more intimate with God in the quiet house that we have legally rented!!! As long as the PSB removes the iron chains on our gathering site, we will go back indoors in the very next week. Our bottomline is “not forsaking the assembling.” This is our stand and is also the stand of all the members of Liangren Church!

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