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Crackdown on Christians ramping up

Analyst: Deportation orders reflect fear Muslims will convert

By Michael Carl

5/18/2010 Morocco (World Net Daily) – The government of Morocco has notified another 23 mostly Christian foreigners, including one American, that they’re scheduled for imminent expulsion from the North African country.

And an analyst says that those targeted by the deportation order indicate the government of Morocco, which historically has been considered a moderate Muslim nation, now is fearful that Muslims will convert if exposed to Christianity.

This is the second large deportation action taken by the Moroccan government against mostly Christian individuals in the past two months. More than 40 Christian workers were deported from Morocco in March.

Aidan Clay of International Christian Concern says the North African nation simply is alarmed about the possibility that Muslims may see an opportunity to leave Islam.

“The reason they received these notices is that they allegedly broke Morocco’s anti-proselytizing laws. This is the same reason for the deportations in March,” Clay told WND.

“This goes way beyond anti-proselytizing. It’s basically anti-conversion. The thinking there is if there is no proselytizing, no one will convert from Islam,” Clay explained. “But upholding these laws directly violates the fundamental religious freedoms of the Moroccan people.”

Clay said the United States government is hesitating to confront the Moroccan government.

“Some people in the United States government don’t want to confront the Moroccan government. They say, ‘If we confront the Moroccan government with this, we’re not going to get anywhere. They’re not going to listen to us,'” Clay said.

But that feeling isn’t universal yet.

Rep. Frank Wolf, R-Va., has made issues of human rights and human trafficking part of his concern.

Speaking on the House floor last week, Congressman Wolf called on the Moroccan government to live up to its stated commitment to religious freedom.

“I call on the government of Morocco to uphold its commitment to the principles of religious tolerance and freedom, that for so long, made it a model of tolerance and modernity in the Arab world,” he said.

“And I call on our embassy, the State Department and the White House to raise this issue with Moroccan authorities at the highest levels, and defend the interests and rights of these American citizens whose lives have been shattered by these events,” Wolf said.

Wolf’s spokesman, Dan Scandling, said the congressman believes the new round of deportations is “disconcerting.”

“I don’t think anyone has a firm answer as to why they’re doing it, but it is certainly a step backwards. That’s why the congressman made a statement on the floor of the House last week and is going to have a hearing in June on Capitol Hill with the Human Rights Commission. He wants to find out just what’s going on and to get to the bottom of it,” Scandling said.

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