Giving hope to persecuted Christians since 1995
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ICC Note:

After repeated appeals, registration for the Baptist church in Aliabad has still not been granted by the Azerbaijan government, reports Forum 18 News Service.

By Felix Corley

5/11/2010 Azerbaijan (Forum 18) – Religious communities punished for meeting for worship in Azerbiajan, or who have had religious literature confiscated, continue to formally appeal against these human rights violations, they have told Forum 18 News Service. For example, Jehovah’s Witnesses and Muslim readers of the works of Said Nursi have demanded the return of confiscated literature. But despite repeated appeals over more than 15 years – most recently in early 2010 – for the Baptist church in Aliabad to be registered, its application has still not been granted. Police visited its pastor in late April, to warn him not to gather church members for worship or they would face unspecified “unpleasantness with the law”. Violations of freedom of religion or belief in Azerbaijan have been occasionally successfully challenged, but the only example in 2010 known to Forum 18 is an appeal against a fine imposed on one Muslim reader of Nursi’s works. Despite many such protests not being successful, for example to re-open mosques and churches, one Muslim insisted to Forum 18 that publicly challenging violations is crucial to defend religious freedom.

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