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Uzbekistan: Raids, Fines, More Raids, More Fines

4/23/2010 Uzbekistan (Forum18) – Protestant Christians in Karakalpakstan in north-west Uzbekistan continue to face raids, threats, fines, literature confiscations and court-ordered destruction of religious literature, Forum 18 News Service has been told. In two recent cases in the region, police demanded that Protestants sign statements that they will not associate with other Christians or have any Christian books in their homes. Students in the region and elsewhere have also been put under pressure to be vigilant against “alien for us religious and extremist influences and the impact of inferior ‘mass culture’ ” The unclearly defined phrase occurs in a government programme for 2010, designated “The Year for the Harmonious Development of the Generation”. Religious activity by school and higher-education students has long attracted official hostility. Courts in the region continue to order religious literature to be destroyed, including Bibles and New Testaments, and to find those found in possession of these books. Religious literature seizures continue throughout Uzbekistan.

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