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Pastor Threatened, Believers Antagonized

ICC Note

Pastor Sunil was threatened by 40 people who warned him of dire consequences If he returned to their village to preach the gospel.

04/22/2010 India (ANS)-Gospel for Asia-supported pastor Sunil Rao was threatened last Thursday by anti-Christian extremists. They went to his house at 11 p.m. and forced him to go to a nearby village, where he has a mission station.

A crowd of around 40 people then gathered around Sunil and asked him questions. The extremists went to the homes of about 25 believers who gather for worship at Sunil’s mission station and took their Bibles from them.

They warned Sunil that he would face dire consequences if he returned to this village to preach the Gospel.

In spite of the situation, the believers in Sunil’s fellowship say they will continue to worship as usual. Sunil also plans to continue discipling these new Christians.

GFA’s local correspondent asks for prayer for these believers, that they will not lose heart. He also requests prayer for the Lord’s protection for Sunil as he faithfully ministers with Christ’s love—and that those who have been threatening him will come to repentance and realize their need for Christ.