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Iran: three BMBs released but another detained

ICC Note:

Middle East Concern gives prayer update for Iranian Christians.

4/7/2010 Iran (Middle East Concern) – On 15th February we requested prayer for three believers from a Muslim background (BMBs) detained in Evin prison after being arrested, along with 12 others, on 24th December close to Tehran. Recall that all 15 were initially released but that some were ordered to return to sign papers in early January, at which point three were re-arrested. The group had gathered for a Christmas celebration in a home 20 kilometres (12 miles) southeast of Tehran.

We are pleased to report that they were released on bail on 17th March.

In contrast, we regret to report that another believer was recently detained in Rasht, northwest of Tehran. He joins a number of other Christians detained for their faith in Iran.

Iranian Christians supporting these believers request our prayers that:

a. The three BMBs released will know the presence and healing of Jesus as they return to normal living

b. There will be no formal charges against them

c. The believer detained will know the presence and peace of Jesus

d. The Father will fulfil His purposes in and through every believer detained in Iran

e. All officials involved will act justly, love mercy, and hear the truth about Jesus.

[Middle East Concern]