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Gao Zhisheng Tortured and Still Missing After One Year

Gao ICC Note: Gao hits one year mark of imprisonment and torture in China

2/4/10 China (ChinaAid) – On the one-year anniversary of Gao Zhisheng’s disappearance, ChinaAid is humbly asking for your help to expand our efforts in raising awareness on Gao’s behalf. Please read the complete message below.

On February 4, 2009, Gao Zhisheng was abducted from his home and disappeared into the black hole of the Chinese detention system. After one year, Gao is still missing – his condition and whereabouts are still unknown.

Rumors of Gao’s death have viciously circulated since December, 2009, inflicting pain and despair on his family, and weakening the resolve of many human rights organizations. Some believe that the Chinese government will never yield, and that human rights for the Chinese will remain an elusive myth.

Yet the Chinese government’s silence cracked ever so slightly on January 21, 2010. Chinese Foreign Ministry Spokesperson Ma Zhaoxu publicly acknowledged Gao’s case to the media for the first time in over a year in a news conference: “The relevant judicial authorities have decided this case, and we should say this person, according to Chinese law, is where he should be.”

ChinaAid believes that based on the minister’s comments and other inside reports, Gao Zhisheng is still alive, but suffering incredible torture. We will not give up on Gao until he is guaranteed his basic human rights with dignity before the law.

There is hope! And now it’s time to bring up the intensity to a new level.

24-Hour Free Gao Ad Campaign
On February 4, 2010, the anniversary of Gao Zhisheng’s disappearance, ChinaAid will be launching a one-day, 24-hour targeted issue-based advertising campaign to spread the news about Gao. The ads will feature a basic message, and urge people to learn more about Gao Zhisheng’s case. See banner ads live on-line, Thursday, February 4, 2010, hosted on

The chosen site boasts traffic of up to 25 million page views per day, with over 2 million unique site visitors – promising a high number of concerned citizens learning about Gao Zhisheng for the first time. We hope to effectively generate new interest and add more pressure to the Chinese government to respond.