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Eritrean cracks down on religion even more as woman dies in detention center

ICC Note

Hana was held in solitary confinement and endured beatings. She finally died due to heart attack and the inhumane prison condition. Many Christians have died in Eritrean prisons for refusing to recant their faith.

01/02/2010 Eritrea (MNN)-Yet another Christian has died in the face of persecution in one of Eritrea ‘s detention centers. On Jan. 24, Hana Hagos Asgedom, 41, became the eleventh believer to die in these detention centers.

Asgedom suffered a heart attack while being held in solitary confinement at Alla Military Camp.

Open Doors said, “Shortly before her death, she apparently endured beatings with an iron rod for refusing to ‘make the chief commander in the camp a cup of coffee.’ When Asgedom resisted this order, which Christians interpret as sexual advances, she was apparently sent back to her cell where she endured punishment and later succumbed to the heart attack.”

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