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East Java: Eko Budi Wardoyo, suspect in anti-Christian violence, arrested

ICC Note: According to police, Wardoyo is implicated in violence that hit central Sulawesi between 2000 and 2007. He is currently held in a special high security detention centre where he is being interrogated by prosecutors. In Jakarta, 50 Islamic extremists are set to go on trial, including the moneyman for the July 2005 hotel attacks.

by Mathias Hariyadi

2/1/10 Indonesia (AsiaNews) – Indonesia’s elite anti-terror unit arrested Eko Budi Wardoyo (aka Munsih e Amin), the alleged author of a series of anti-Christian attacks in Poso, Tentena and Palu (central Sulawesi) between 2000 and 2007, General Tito Sumardi, head of the Indonesian police, said today. The arrest was carried out on 26 January in the town of Sidoarjo, some 25 kilometres south of Surabaya, capital of East Java.

The police chief said that the terrorist suspect is “under tight security” and is being “interrogated by prosecutors in a special detention house at the elite Mobile Brigade HQ in Kelapa Dua, Depok (West Java). When police arrested Eko, they found important documents in his possession.

Eko Budi Wardoyo had been on run for the past five years because of his involvement in the murder of Rev Susianti Tinulele, a woman pastor killed in South Palu (central Sulawesi) on 18 July 2004. She was shot dead at the altar as she was delivering the Sunday Mass sermon. Four members of her congregation were hurt during the incident: 15-year-old Farid Melindo, 18-year-old Christianto, 15-year-old Listiani and 17-year-old Desri.

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