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Nigeria police arrest 300 people over sectarian clashes

ICC Note

We hope the Nigerian officials will hold the perpetrators of the attacks accountable. In the past, Nigerian official failed to properly prosecute people behind religious violence.

By Ethan Cole

01/28/2010 Nigeria (The Christian Post)-Police from a central state in Nigeria have arrested more than 300 people suspected of being involved in a massive inter-religious conflict earlier this month that left nearly 500 people dead.

Plateau state police spokesman Mohammed Lerama told Agence France-Presse on Monday that 313 people have been arrested, but did not give further details on the charges they faced. Those arrested were moved to Nigeria ’s capital Abuja .

Less than two weeks ago, a clash between the Muslim and Christian community in and about Jos city, Plateau state, resulted in an estimated 492 deaths. A Christian human rights group and the Plateau state police commissioner said the violence was sparked by an unprovoked attack on worshippers of St Michael’s Church.

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