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Nigerian Jihad

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The Jihad by Nigerian Muslims has resulted in death of thousands of Christians in northern Nigeria . The recent violence in Jos is another example of the Jihad attacks.

By Faith J. H. McDonnell

01/29/2010 Nigeria ( Christmas Day, some 300 people almost died when Nigerian Umar Farouk Abdulmutallab attempted to blow up the holiday travelers on Northwest Airlines Flight #253. Regardless of any pronouncements to the contrary by the DHS Secretary, State Department, Attorney General, President Obama, ACLU, Code Pink, C.A.I.R., or anyone else who believes in a kinder, gentler Islamic terrorism, this was not criminal activity, but jihad. All have heard how previous to clamming up at the advice of his terrorist-defending attorney, the Panty-Pyrotechnician boasted to FBI agents that there were many potential jihadists just like him in Yemen . What he did not mention is that there are also thousands of active jihadists back home in Nigeria , nor that Yemen was not the only place training Nigerian terrorists.

An incendiary crotch may be a new twist, as it were, but the struggle against infidels for the global domination of Islam is an ongoing one that spans from Saudi Arabia to Sudan , from Denmark to Detroit , from Brussels to Boston . It is just that so far, jihad usually takes a different form in the United States — relying on the kindness (gullibility, naiveté, and political correctness) of strangers and the paralysis of the United States government, as democracy is turned inside out to the advantage of its enemies. That may not always be the case.

In Nigeria , Africa ’s most populous nation, jihad has been more aggressive. Inter-religious violence resulting from radical Islam has been responsible for the deaths of over 50,000 people in the past ten years in Nigeria . Although state religion is ostensibly a violation of the country’s national, secular constitution, 12 out of 36 states have instituted Shari’a (Islamic law) as the highest legal authority. And, as is usually the case, Shari’a has opened the door to unchecked persecution of non-Muslims.

In states where Islam does not hold complete sway, Islamists are doing their damnedest to change the situation. Such is the case in Jos, the capital of Plateau State in Nigeria ’s middle belt. Violence broke out in Jos on Sunday, January 17, 2010. (Interesting, how many attacks on Christians take place on Sunday or on holy days, such as Christmas.) Most media reported “conflicting accounts” of the origin of the attacks, in which nearly 500 people were killed. In Times Online, State Commissioner of Police Greg Anyating said that the violence began with Muslim youths setting fire to a church. But Muslims have denied this claim and blame Christian youths stopping a Muslim man from rebuilding his house for triggering the violence.

But Archbishop of Jos in the Anglican Church of Nigeria, the Most Rev. Dr. Benjamin Kwashi, said that Christians were in tears during worship the next Sunday because of missing family and friends whose bodies they have been unable to find. “This means that the corpses we are shown on television in the mosque must include people the Muslims have killed,” said Kwashi in the January 26 Times Online. “Quite a number of local people, Christians and other non-Muslims, are finding that people are missing. They have been looking around for the last three days and can’t find them. They have come to the conclusion that their bodies are among the corpses in the mosque that are being used to whip up emotion against the church,” he said. Kwashi called on Muslims to “hand back the dead.”

Protection is definitely required to survive as a Christian in the midst of the ongoing jihad in Nigeria . The January riots came just as Nigerian Christians were beginning to recover from horrific attacks that took place last summer. In July 2009, Boko Haram, an Islamic terrorist group whose name means “western civilization is forbidden” launched a series of attacks on church and state facilities in 4 northern and central states. Known as the “Nigerian Taliban,” Boko Haram militants killed hundreds, maybe thousands, and used Christians as human shields against the security forces. The head of the Nigerian Red Cross reported that kidnapped survivors of the Boko Haram attack provided chilling testimonies of captured security service personnel being hacked to death and of Christian men being forced to choose between conversion or beheading. According to estimates by the Nigerian Red Cross Society, more than 1000 children lost parents in the July clashes.

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