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Karnataka governor takes serious note of church attacks

ICC Note

“The fresh attacks on churches are regrettable.”

By Babu Thomas

01/27/2010 India (Christian Today)-The governor of Karnataka HR Bhardwaj has sternly warned against anti-social elements causing communal disharmony and conflict by vandalising churches.

“I have no doubt that the law enforcing agencies will act with promptitude against the offenders,” the governor said in his 12-page address on Tuesday. “Secularism is the basic structure of our Constitution and it is my duty to ensure that the constitutional principles are followed by all concerned in letter and spirit.”

“Karnataka has long been distinguished for its tolerant and peace-loving citizens. People from all communities and faiths have lived here for centuries in harmony,” he noted. “The fresh attacks on churches are regrettable.”

“I am aware of the incidents. Since these incidents have happened before the Republic Day. I suspect some organised group is trying to tarnish the image of the government which is working for the welfare of the people,” media quoted Yeddyurappa saying.

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