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2009 ChinaAid Annual Report: Top Ten Cases of Christian Persecution in China

ICC Note: China Aid releases annual report on top ten worse cases of persecution in China. Link to full report

1/26/10 China (ChinaAid)–The year 2009 showed Chinese Christian churches thriving in the midst of persecution. In a society where economic booming and innovation are in great demand, the Chinese government and the house churches continue wrestling with each other and drawing attention from all over the world. Nevertheless, the faithful persecuted in China believe God’s love and grace will always strengthen their churches.

China Aid Association, headquartered in Texas, reported a large quantity of cases concerning the persecution of Chinese house churches in 2009. After holistic review and analysis of these cases, we selected ten cases representative of the nature of persecution in the country, and hereby introduce them to the public. Among these globally recognized persecution cases, five are specifically church-related; four involve the persecution of individual faith practitioners; and one involves the persecution of Christians who rescued refugees out of their commitment to Biblical principles.

Link to full report