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Airline worker takes religious discrimination case to High Court

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British Airlines discriminated against a Christian check-in worker by asking her to hide her cross necklace. The Airline doesn’t require Muslims and Hindus not to wear their religious symbols.

By Aaron J Leichman

01/21/2010 UK (The Christian Post)-A British Airways check-in worker who refused to hide her cross necklace at work went to London’s High Court on Tuesday in a bid to force the airline to admit it was wrong in demanding she stop wearing her necklace.

Nadia Eweida, 56, became embroiled in a highly public row with BA in 2006 after the airline asked that she tuck her cross necklace behind her scarf so that it would not show.

Eweida took BA to an employment tribunal, claiming the airline had discriminated against Christians by not allowing them to openly wear symbols of their faith while Muslim and Hindu employees were permitted to wear headscarves and turbans.

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