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Algerian Christians request prayer

1/12/2010 Algeria (Middle East Concern) – Algerian Christians have requested our prayers following a series of incidents at a newly opened church building in the city of Tizi Ouzo , western Algeria .

In November a growing church in the city opened a new church building to

replace their previous rented premises. The new building seats 350

worshippers. Shortly afterwards, the authorities issued a letter to the

church stating that it was not officially licensed for religious purposes.

The church leaders had received similar notices previously but, as in the

past, they chose to continue their activities because the church is a member

of the Église Protestante d’Algerie which is registered with the


On 26th December a mob of about 20 gathered at the entrance to the building

and tried to prevent worshippers from gathering for their regular Saturday

meeting. The church leaders called the police, who attended but did not

intervene. Threats were made but no violent acts occurred.

On 27th December Christians returned to the building and again found some of

the mob present. Church members were able to speak with them and offered

copies of the New Testament.

On 28th December the church building was broken into. This was discovered

the next day and the police were informed.

On 2nd January a more serious incident occurred. A mob came to the service

threatening worshippers, and manhandled the pastor. The service was stopped

and calm was restored. Later in the day a group broke into the building and

vandalised the interior until the police arrived and restored order. During

the night there was another break-in and many contents were destroyed by a

fire, though the structure of the building was not damaged.

Algerian Christians request our prayers that:

a. The Lord will keep His peace, patience and protection over the church

b. The pastor and all church members will know the wisdom and guidance of

the Spirit in all aspects of their lives and witness

c. All Christians in Algeria will be able to meet with fellow believers for

worship, teaching, fellowship and prayer

d. The perpetrators would be convicted by the Spirit, and respond to the

truth of Jesus

e. The authorities would act decisively to prevent any further attacks

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