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Rising Extremism in South East Asia : Dangerous Repercussions

ICC Note

Rising Islamic extremism is causing more persecution for Christians in Malaysia , Pakistan , Indonesia and other countries.

01/11/2010 Islam (The Huffington Post)-Chickens are finally coming home to roost in South East Asia . Christians are being attacked in Malaysia and their churches being burnt down. The seemingly unending scuffle over the name of Allah has imploded the fragile society of Malaysia that is already teeming with racial disputes. The rising violence should not be any surprise to anyone as Malaysia has emerged as the new center of Islamic extremism. The region is home to the largest concentration of Muslims after South Asia and they cannot remain aloof from the rising tide of militancy in other parts of the Muslim World.

Pakistan has become the hotbed of Islamic extremism and its main exporter but Indonesia and Malaysia should not follow the same path. Apart from the racial and geopolitical situation, which calls for a pluralistic secular society in these countries, these countries are located in a region that cannot afford any other crisis. The row over use of Allah should come to an end in a peaceful manner. Allah is for everyone and Malaysian Muslims have no right to claim ownership of this word.

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