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Christian family now safe

Fled Pakistan after attack for not converting to Islam

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The family fled to Canada after their daughter was raped in order to force them to convert to Islam

By Tom Godfrey

01/11/2010 Canada (Toronto Sun)-The family of a child who was sexually assaulted and left for dead in Pakistan because her dad refused to convert to Islam was cheered and given a standing ovation at a west-end church yesterday.

Munir Masi, 37, with wife Sajda, 35, and their five children aged three to 11, met with Immigration Minister Jason Kenney and others who were instrumental in spiriting them to freedom in Canada on Dec. 12.

The child was sexually assaulted and left to die on a roadside after Masi refused to convert to Islam from Christianity.

The family went into hiding as relatives of the man convicted of the assault vowed revenge, their lawyer and church officials said.

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