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Where Are Egypt’s Christians?

12/29/2009 Egypt (RantRave) – Christians in America and Europe worry about the secularisation of their holiday. They have legitimate concerns about Christianity being culturally marginalised. Egypt’s Christians have a far more basic worry. Aside from rampant discrimination against Egypt’s Coptic Christians, who represent about 15% of Egypt’s 80 million people.
A serious fear of Egyptian Christian parents is not the assimilation of their children into a Muslim majority but the fear of their daughters being abducted, raped and forced to convert to Islam. o fearful are many Christians that they prefer to live in a garbage choked section of Cairo inhabited exclusively by Christians, who would rather risk serious illness and death by disease than the loss of their daughters to predatory Muslims who kidnap their daughters under cover of active police collaboration. It is almost impossible to get complaints about abductions of christian girls to be taken by the police, let alone investigated.

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