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Gov’t Move Benefits Vietnam Churches

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In an unusual act, the Vietnamese government allows a Christian concert to take place

By George Thomas & Lucille Talusan

12/11/09 Vietnam (CBN) – It’s a sight seldom seen in Communist Vietnam– Christians publicly worshipping Jesus Christ.

It happened when the government allowed more than 13,000 Christians to hold a public concert last April. Church leaders say they are benefiting from the government attempting to become a world player.

Pastor “Deborah” requested CBN News hide her identity for security reasons.

“Our government signed many policies when it joined the World Trade Organization like freedom of religion, freedom of human rights,” she said.

Organizers hope to keep the momentum going with an even bigger worship concert this weekend.

An estimated 30,000 people are expected to attend.

“Very seldom do we have freedom to sing and pray together like this,” she continued. “After 20 years of facing many difficulties, many tears and all the persecution, now the church is slowly emerging. The Lord is promising us that a great revival is coming to Vietnam.”

CBN News visited several churches and found everyone praying earnestly for the big celebration.

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