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Fourteen Moroccan Christians detained, Four expats deported

ICC Note:

Moroccan police interrupt Bible study, confiscate Bibles, deport Christian expatriates.

12/4/2009 Morocco (Middle East Concern) – Fourteen Moroccan believers from a Muslim background (BMBs) were meeting with four expatriates in the town of Saidia. The meeting was the start of a weekend event for Bible study and training. It was being conducted discreetly, using a rented venue.

During Friday afternoon police came to the home. They confiscated all Bibles, other Christian materials and mobile phones. After dark all those present were taken to a police station. The Moroccans were questioned until about midnight and then released the next day.

The four expatriates were false accused of proselytising and deported.

Another expatriate who had assisted in renting the venue was not present at the event but was also ordered to leave the country, together with his family. They were given one hour to pack, escorted to their children’s school and promptly taken to the border.

Moroccan Christians request our prayers that:

a. Our Moroccan brothers and sisters will know the peace and presence of Jesus, that their faith will be strengthened and that there will be no negative consequences for them b. The deported expatriates may be able to return to Morocco and will know the Spirit’s guiding in their future ministry c. The police officers involved will consider the claims of Christ, and choose to follow Jesus d. The Moroccan government will improve its implementation of religious freedom.

[Middle East Concern]