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Sudanese Church Leaders: Peace Process Has Reached Critical Point

ICC Note

The comprehensive peace agreement between the Islamist government of Sudan and the mainly Christian and animist south Sudanese could collapse and lead to disastrous war.

By Aaron J. Leichman

12/01/2009 Sudan (The Christian Post)-The peace process in Sudan has reached a critical point, church leaders in the war-torn nation reported Monday.

With less than five months before national elections, leaders of Episcopal Church of the Sudan (ECS) said the 2005 Sudanese Comprehensive Peace Agreement is on the brink of collapse due to contentions over the referendum law, the demarcation of the January 1956 borders, and violence recently perpetrated by other armed groups.

Southern Sudan , meanwhile, is being threatened with famine due to the failure of rains in various parts of the country this year.

“We appeal to our partners to assist us, the Church, in providing for the physical as well as the spiritual needs of our people, and pledge to use all such support, as well as support from the Sudanese Christians, for the well-being of those facing hunger this Advent and Christmas season,” expressed the ECS Provincial Standing Committee following the conclusion of their five-day conference last week.

Currently, Southern Sudan is grappling with the legacy of one of Africa ‘s longest and bloodiest civil wars. The two-decade battle between ethnic African southerners and Sudan ‘s Arab-dominated government in the northern capital, Khartoum , has killed an estimated two million people and left tens of thousands displaced and wounded.

After reporting on the situation, the Episcopal leaders re-affirmed their commitment to doubling the efforts of the Church in bringing peace and reconciliation to their people, working together with the government “as a force for unity and love amongst our people who have suffered for so long.”

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