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Cuban Catholic Church starts blog

ICC Note: Cuban starts Spanish blog on Christian church. If you don’t speak Spanish, another good option is to use Internet Explorer Live Search page translator .

12/2/09 Cuba (Prokerala)–The Cuban Catholic Church has started a blog, “Creer en Cuba”, which features about a dozen pieces on spirituality, faith and values, said Sergio Cabarrouy who is in charge of the site.

“It’s an open space for sharing the faith of living in Cuba, on the island and in the diaspora, and in it you can deal with any topic that is relevant to the blog,” said Cabarrouy who manages the website from the western Diocese of Pinar del Rio.

The website – – “has contributions from Cubans and people from other parts of the world interested in living the Christian faith rooted in reality”, Cabarrouy said.

The first article, “Bienvenido” (Welcome), introduces the blog, while the most recent piece was by a seminarian in the central Cuban city of Santa Clara.

In an announcement on the website of the Cuban bishops conference, Cabarrouy said the site would be “a space for proposing, more than for lamenting, a site for talking and listening”.

The blog allows people to “propose, express opinions and disagree, but respect will have to be shown at all times for people and political partisanship will have to be set aside,” Cabarrouy told EFE.

“Contributions and commentaries will be published if they meet these conditions and contribute to the improvement of humanity,” Cabarrouy said.

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