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Islamabad asks for “suggestions” from Christians to repeal blasphemy law

ICC Note

In a meeting with government officials, Pakistani Christians called for abolition of blasphemy laws.

By Fareed Khan

11/09/2009 Pakistan (AsiaNews)-The abolition of the blasphemy law in Pakistan . This is what Christians have asked delegates and members of civil society, in a meeting with the Parliamentary Standing Committee on 6 November in Islamabad . The meeting was organized at the initiative of the Pakistani government, which called for “suggestions” from Christians and activists to improve the rights of minorities. “A positive step,” says a Christian activist, but “the road is still long.”


The Christian activist (pictured) explained that they speaking to the President of the Parliamentary Standing Committee the stressed that ” Pakistan does not need this law” that has caused “damage to the lives and property of people” as well as “given a bad image the country abroad”. A law adds Sada, according to which “5 thousand investigations were opened against people of different faiths.”

According to the director of CSC necessary steps include: implement changes in textbooks, school curricula, using media and events to promote interfaith dialogue. Only then will “respect for the holy figures” of Islam be reinforced without the need for a shameful law, that has been a harbinger of violence and persecution. Mehboob Sada added that the Parliamentary Committee will hold a series of meetings with Muslim figures, Catholic bishops and politicians, to gather more suggestions. “It will be a long journey – he confirms – but, overall, it is a good step forward.”

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