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ICC Joins Other NGOs to Stop ‘Religious Defamation’ Effort

Washington, D.C. (November 10, 2009)–International Christian Concern (ICC) has learned that a major effort is underway by Muslim countries to pass a UN resolution which would lead to persecution of Christian minorities. The resolution provides international cover for domestic anti-blasphemy laws in countries like Pakistan and Sudan where these laws are used to persecute Christians under the guise of protecting Islam from defamation. ICC has joined over 100 NGOs from over 20 countries in signing a Common Statement protesting the resolution.

Since 1999, the United Nations has continuously passed non-binding resolutions on “defamation of religions.” However, for the first time, a UN body proposed a binding amendment on this issue. While not expected to gain traction, a preliminary vote on the non-binding version of the resolution is expected before Thanksgiving, and a final vote is expected in December.

ICC’s Advocacy Officer, Jeremy Shull, said, “This is the first time a binding effort is being made in an organization with the international influence of the UN. We are dismayed at this movement in the UN to infringe upon religious freedom. Countries like Pakistan already use non-binding resolutions as international cover to imprison and harm Christians in the name of human rights. Human rights laws exist to protect individuals, not countries or ideas. Now is the time to stop any movement toward creating a binding form of legislation that limits religious expression.”

ICC would like to call upon all those opposed to the resolution to contact the US Ambassador to the UN and voice your opinion at 212-415-4062. The Statement signed by ICC is available at